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  Another way of cooking
  A revolutionary cooking method which satisfies the palate and safeguards the health
  The pleasure of the table and of the well-being
  Patent n. 64650  
  GRIGLIOSO practice and elegant oven with a new cooking method which allows to anybody to prepare easily and rapidly tasty and fragrant recipes ensuring a wholesome food necessary to keep a perfect physic form and to offer the well-being to the whole family.
  An endocrine expert recommends this new cooking method (which doesn't require use of fats and where fats in the food are eliminated) as perfect for a good digestion but most of all to fight against the cholesterol and the obesity and to prevent some serious illnesses such diabetes, high blood tension, arteriosclerosis.
  GRIGLIOSO makes possible as well steam cooking, grill cooking, allows to fry, braise, toast, unfreeze and cook deep-frozen food with very good results in order to satisfy various tastes. Furthermore, its elegant line allows to serve directly in it just prepared and still hot dishes.
  GRIGLIOSO is extremely easy to clean and its transparent lid allows to control the cooking at every stage and what is more, it doesn't diffuse vapours and odours in the environment.
  GRIGLIOSO the secrete of a wholesome food